Anna Blaustein

 Science Journalist 
Tropical Leaves
"How Environmental Journalism Is Surviving — and Thriving — in an Unstable World." KSJ News.


I'm Anna Blaustein, and I'm a science journalist. I studied biology at Bowdoin College and am pursuing my master's in science writing at MIT. I write part time for Knight Science Journalism and am a computer science and statistics teaching assistant at the Harvard Extension School. Before starting graduate school, I was on the Data Team at the Massachusetts Community Tracing Collaborative where I worked on the state's Covid-19 response.

When I'm not writing (and sometimes even when I am), I'm often on the road, trails, or farther off the beaten path. A Wilderness First Responder and experienced trip leader, I love bike touring, backpacking, and swimming in cold water.

Please reach out if you'd like to work together! Take care.